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12 Sept 2014

What we’ve learnt about Christmas in Manchester…

As Manchester’s leading Christmas decorators, we certainly know a thing or two about Christmas in the city. One thing is for sure, Christmas in Manchester is pretty special and over the years it has only got better.

The German Markets are amazing
We love the German Markets, the atmosphere is amazing, the food is amazing and the beer isn’t bad either. The current German Markets are a relatively new addition to the Manchester festivities, and are much welcomed by Mancunians. Kicking off on the 14th November, the Markets will be in Manchester till December 21st.

Santa on the Town Hall was awful
For years the inflatable Santa that clung from the Town Hall was a bit of laughing stock. The Santa was constantly burst by birds or blown away by breezes. The council did decide to scrap the inflatable Santa a number of years ago – thank God!

Ice rinks? Yes please
We were so pleased when Manchester was given an outdoor ice rink in the heart of the city centre. The ice rink is there throughout the festive period and provides fun from early morning and well into the night. Based in the Spinningfields area of Manchester, the Ice rink is a great addition to festivities in Manchester.

Lights are on…
The Manchester lights switch-on is a big occasion and often attended by many thousands. The Manchester Christmas lights are quite impressive, but we feel it’s the businesses of Manchester that really make the difference. Some of our higher profile decorations are often commented on – why don’t you ensure your business gets in the limelight this year? Are you a business in Manchester? Are you getting ready for Christmas? Why don’t you let the Christmas Decorators light up your business and make Christmas…